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Welcome to my website, I am Md Róbert Horváth, dentist.

Dr Horváth RóbertLet me introduce my practice because I strongly feel that you need right us.

Together with my experienced team I have been standing at my patients’ disposal for more than 30 years now. I cater for my patients dental problems ranging from an easily treatable toothache to individually personalized dental implants.

It is to my delight when I as a dentist see my patients’ beautiful teeth and their confident appearance as a result of our aesthetic treatment. You can place absolute confidence in me, for your beautiful smile shall be my pride.


For your wonderful teeth

fogfehérítés fogorvos fogápolás2Everyone deserves a smile - why would not you do? A wonderful smile is indispensable for making a good first impression. Do not leave the success of first encounters to chance. Aesthetic dentistry used to be the privilege of the well-off for a long time, but now we offer you an opportunity to have an aesthetic smile. Everyone deserves a Hollywood smile - including you!

Would you like wonderful teeth just like the stars of Hollywood?
You are looking for our Aesthetic treatments. Praises and envious looks from others are guaranteed!

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For your radiant smile



Dazzling white teeth are no longer a myth! 
You can have them from us with our Teeth whitening treatment!

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For your child(ren)’s healthy teeth


The first years of permanent teeth determine our children’s teeth for life!
Why would not you care about them from the very beginning? With fissure sealants your child will have beautiful teeth!

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Lasting and permanent solutions to replace teeth

Dental crowns

fogpótlás inlay fogtechnikaAs a crown embodies elegance and title, nowadays it means aesthetics and precision. Having dental crowns you will feel as if you were using your original teeth.

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Dental bridges

Bridges are always built on firm foundation, it will be the same in the case of your teeth. We use the technology of dental bridges to replace your missing teeth as a permanent solution.

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Removable dentures

They are the oldest tooth replacement option, therefore there are long years of experience of their use. With the use of removable dentures you will find a mobile and convenient solution!

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Fixed tooth replacement options

We provide a lasting dental solution with our fixed tooth replacement options. We offer solutions to our patients that they can easily get accustomed to and that best resemble their original teeth.

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For your healthy teeth

Treatment description

At the beginning of the dental treatment the existing problem is detected. Diagnosis is made, then you are given detailed information of the solutions and your problem will be solved completely. Dental problems can be: aesthetic treatments, caries, bleeding gums, filling, tooth extraction or fitting a dental implant; dental bridges or crowns.

AYour dental treatment consists of the following steps:

1.     Your teeth are examined
2.     Diagnosis is made
3.     Solutions are offered
4.     Treatments are performed
5.     Aftercare: treated teeth are controlled during the following check-up(s).

Do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible, so that we will be able to solve your dental problem quickly and efficiently. You have read our homepage, which shows that you may need help and you are interested in our services.

As a dentist I think we could make your life and smile much more beautiful with our treatments. You know, everyone deserves a smile including you! Contact us and make a step towards your aesthetic, perfect smile!

Call us on  +36-83-311-776

Are you suffering from toothache?

 Can’t you eat without pain? Would you like to know the reason of your problem? Do not hesitate to contact us. We guarantee to detect and solve your dental problem.

Why choose us?

  • Our dental surgery is located in a picturesque area, it is well-equipped and it provides a relaxed atmosphere according to our patients.
  • You do not have to wait. If you have made an appointment, we immediately start your treatment on time.
  • There is free parking in front of the dental surgery. There are two treatment rooms in our surgery for the convenience of our patients.
  • We easily detect dental problems with our equipment. If you need new dental implants, we can make them here in the same building.
  • Our patients are given professional dental treatment and attentive service, although it is a basic requirement from a dentist.


Trust is the key

100% Painlessness

If we promise that you will not feel any pain, you can be sure of it 100%. Before the treatment you will be informed of the treatment procedure in detail. Say no to pain and let us create your beautiful smile!

100% Satisfaction

As a dentist I consider it important that you are satisfied with our work. You invest your trust and we invest our expertise in this co-operation, and the result will be guaranteed to remain an everlasting and pleasant memory.

100% Beauty

Would you like aesthetic and beautiful teeth? You can get them from us, we guarantee. Many people will envy your new smile! Make the experience of first impression positive with your wonderful smile! Brighten others’ everyday life, since you know that everyone deserves a Hollywood smile!

100% Arranged time

Are you bored of waiting, do you feel frustrated of crowded waiting rooms? You do not need to worry about it in our surgery, because our clients have their own appointments. You are provided with quality service without having to wait in our surgery, which has two treatment rooms. Save time with us, come on the arranged appointment time and leave with your new and attractive smile.

My client’s satisfaction and beautiful smile are the most important for me as a dentist. Dentistry develops year by year and I claim that we keep pace. Our goal is that you get the best service and that you leave our surgery satisfied and making good impression.